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Our Simplified Closing Process Is Designed To Make Your Life A Little Easier

Selling a home can be an exciting yet overwhelming experience for anybody regardless of their experience in real estate. Ensure you have a capable legal team behind you during the sale of your life’s biggest investment

Step 1:
Sale Review
(Cost Free)

Send us a copy of your Purchase and Sale Agreement.

We will send you an introductory package that will contain a review of your purchase agreement.

You can upload it using the contact form below or send it via:

Step 2:
Introductory Package
(Cost Free)

Your customized closing package will include:

4 step closing checklist

Review of purchase and sale agreement

Detailed cost breakdown (legal and third party fees)

Access to Closing Portal

Next steps in your closing

Step 3:
Put HCF In Your Corner
(Cost Free)

To secure our legal services simply send us two pieces of identification.

And remember, you don’t pay any legal fees until your property has closed.

Step 4:
Let’s Close!

Keep a close eye on your Closing Portal. You can also use it to:

Keep track on the status of your file

Access your closing documents

Communicate with your legal team

Schedule a convenient time for signing

Prepare mortgage documents

Execute mortgage documents

Deposit net mortgage proceeds

What Does a

Real Estate Lawyer Really Do?
During a Mortgage Refinance?

Complete sub-search of title

Prepare final report letter

Review payout balances

Do you have any


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